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Bot Updates & Server Updates! - Changelog

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Added Common Questions to the bot for example if you say store in #questions-support the bot will reply and send you the link

There're some questions like how to apply, the server IP and so on

Changed Server Booster Role to Acolyte

Added a DJ Music Area for Helena to play songs
Added a Ticket System on Discord

Added a new chat setting /chat
Added /nick to Tier III
Fixed /discord

Recoded Play command on Vibeon, now allows playlists from YouTube, will look into adding Spotify support

LividaCraft's Discord revamp & Hiring new Staffs!

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Hiring Staffs & New Applications
We're now hiring new staff and opened two new staff applications, we're looking for Builders, Model Designers and Animations Artists and we would love to have a few more Helpers!

You can apply by clicking the Applications Button.

Now all you need to do is click on one of the forms and fill out the form and submit...

Hub release to the Public & Discord Syncing!

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We've released the Hub to the Public and added a way for Minecraft Accounts to be synced in our Discord Server

Hub Realm
Here's a look of the Hub. This Hub was built by our amazing Builder Chacon2015!


Discord Syncing
We've decided to...

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