LividaCraft's Discord revamp & Hiring new Staffs!

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Hiring Staffs & New Applications
We're now hiring new staff and opened two new staff applications, we're looking for Builders, Model Designers and Animations Artists and we would love to have a few more Helpers!

You can apply by clicking the Applications Button.

Now all you need to do is click on one of the forms and fill out the form and submit!

Discord Revamp
LividaCraft's Offical Discord has been revamped with new events and channels. We've also added some chat levels for active players.

From now on every week on Friday at 12pm there will be certain giveaways on Twitter and Discord! We may even add a Karaoke night in the future!

We also removed the restrictions for those who haven't verified on our server but we still allow people who wish to verify their Minecarft Accounts to our Discord Server.

Discord Link:

Twitter Link: @PlayLividaCraft